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Postby trueblue1321 » Mon Jun 27, 2016 10:21 pm

Selective Recruitment Only

aka Super Duper Phoenix Gang


A place for friends and family.
We just play games and chat.
Double-guilding is allowed and guests that aren't in this guild are allowed in chat.

1. Personally know any of the current members
(knowing ToxicPaste or SashaKai will help your chances)
2. Be a gay.

Note: There is NO skill requirement to join!

General Rules
The guild is very open and does not have many rules, so please try your best to abide the few that exist.
1) Respect all members. Be kind and considerate towards your guild-fellows. Joking around is fine but know when to stop.

2) Do not post pornographic or gore-related material without a warning. Failure to post a warning with such content will result in lynching by loli fists.

3)Do whatever you want in the AoTTG Community as long as you don't hold the guild responsible for your actions. That being said, we still discourage inappropriate behaviour for the sake of formality.

4)No hand holding. It's lewd..

How to Join
1. Get recommended by 3 guild members.
2. If you have met the requirements above, have one of the guild members that's
recommending you send a private message to either ToxicPaste or SashaKai.

Note: Even if all of the requirements are met, you do not have a 100% chance of getting in.

If you have met the requirements and would like to join the
Skype group chat without being a guild member but rather as a guest,
send a private message to either ToxicPaste or SashaKai.

Rules of the Chat
1. Speak English.
2. Be kind to other members.
3. Don't invite people to the group chat without consulting Toxic or Sasha.
4. Be active in the chat. If you know you're going to be inactive
during a period of time, inform another active member.
5. Don't interrupt if there is a serious discussion going on.
6. Only members are allowed to vote on guild matter decisions.
7. NSFW links are allowed in chat, but you must state it is NSFW in the same or previous message.
(Any form of malware or screamers are prohibited)
8. No spamming. This includes things from normal text to files sent through Skype.


Sergio Ramos
Boris Voronskov
Mislav Jovanovic
Vladmir Pvotzic
Idi Naxui
Jonathan "The Man" John
Donelle Tramp

Nikolai Asimov
Espuleto Calderon Cojones



Postby HaganeNoTema » Tue Jun 28, 2016 1:45 am

That's a very nice joke, cute sandman.


Postby Trig » Tue Jun 28, 2016 2:35 pm

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